Import photos from phone windows 10 site

Import Photos From Phone Windows 10 Site

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Import photos from phone windows 10 never been so easy! Follow the tutorial and become expert now.

The need to transfer photos from your phone onto your Windows 10 arises once in a while. Reasons may include using your PC as storage and freeing space on your phone or utilise editing software only available with Windows 10. With the advancement in technology and multiple upgrades of the Windows 10 operating system, the process may be different and a bit challenging. The functionalities you were used to with previous versions may have also changed.

The good news is that there are different ways to import photos from your phone to Windows 10. Do not be worried, as the extensive and complete guide below will take you through the different types of phones; iPhones, Android gadgets and Windows phone. Find the one applicable to you and choose the method easiest for you. Let's get you going!

Using Cables

While many wireless ways of transferring photos from a phone to Windows 10 exist, using a cable is the fastest. Each type of phone has different requirements and procedures on the same.

From Android Phone

You will not need any unique software to import photos from your Android device using a cable that came with the device.

From iPhone

To transfer photos from your iPhone to your PC, you will need the newest version of iTunes on your PC.

From Windows Phone

The Windows phone does not need any speciality when using a cable to transfer photos. Its method is similar to using a cable to import photos from an android phone to a Windows 10 PC.

Using The Cloud

Using the cloud is a good alternative to using cables. The platforms are synched to both devices to enable the transfer.

From an Android

For Android phones, you will need a cloud service like Dropbox or OneDrive on your PC and phone.

From iPhone

The cloud service provided to the users is iCloud. You can upload the photos you want to iCloud and access them on your PC.

Using Transfer Applications

There are numerous applications you can use to transfer photos from your phone to Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft Phone Companion App for Android and iOS

There are other methods of transferring photos between a phone and a Windows 10 PC. Others including the use of Bluetooth and wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi). Using cables remain the simplest and fastest means, but wireless methods save the day when you can't find a cable.


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